Justice For Wives Women Program 

Through the Justice For Wives Women Program, women break the isolation of feeling alone and realize their own empowerment. As they form connections in class, women learn to share there emotion burdens,  learn to build women empowerments businesses, understand their rights, improve their health. They can pass this knowledge on to their families and communities creating a ripple effect for generations.

The program addresses a woman’s needs by investing in her power through many ways:

Informational Training 
Critical modules that include the value of women’s work, benefits of understanding businesses, basic health education, rights and decision making, and group formation.

Business skills and Vocational skills.

Resource provision
Includes monthly resource booklet, resources to pursue counseling needs, resources to health and legal services, and access to savings groups.

Connections to networks
Shared support through local women’s networks, global supporters, and fostering connections with other women. 

Throughout their time in the justice for wives program, women will receive support through, letters from sponsors who help women go through the program financially and emotionally, and referrals that connect women to organizations that provide more services they may need such as psychosocial support, literacy programs, legal aid services and more. 

Each program may differ as they all have a different focus depending on the requirements of the community:

• Focus on personal development of women.
• Women's rights.
• Providing a safe environment for women and their children.
• Educating women.
• Give vocational training so women can find work.
• Teaching business skills. 

Reaching and Connecting Women 

Local leaders from our community will lead these trainings. As members of the same community as the women they serve, they understand the challenges, culture, and needs of women, allowing them to adapt the curriculum to support women as they rebuild their lives and their community. 

The program gathers women into groups of 10 to cultivate a safe, women only space to learn and grow. Together, women form tight social circles of support.
Together, women are healthier and stronger. They make their voices and opinions heard and also gain there strength back after a tragedy the may have encounter.