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Welcome to Justice For Wives Foundation

Around the world and throughout history, women have come together in different types of groups to offer each other support and address barriers together. These groups have created resilience, often in the absence of other safety nets, and fostered opportunities for women and their families. The power of these groups has been rooted in the solidarity that comes from face-to-face connection and joint problem solving.

Everywhere in the world, women face social, cultural and economic barriers to equality.
Women can use their power, they reinvest it in their families, their communities, and their countries to make the whole world better for everyone.

One of the platforms we thought would help women and families weather this storm was women’s groups, or women’s empowerment collectives.

We’ve seen that when women come together, they can collectively overcome some of the barriers and biases that hold them back, even as we work to rebuild the systems and institutions that created the barriers in the first place.

Justice for wives is about changing existing power relations. It is about expanding women’s power over their own lives. It is both a process and an outcome.

The benefits of women’s collectives magnify far beyond the women themselves, dramatically affecting their communities and the broader economy at every level, from local to national. We are all better off when women are empowered.

We are dedicated to empowering all women by expanding the modern definition of feminism. We use the power of technology to educate and connect women around the idea that as women we should be celebrated and valued in all our unique expressions. Whether shattering glass ceilings in the corporate world or taking on the important task of motherhood no person, prejudice, or any concern should stand between a woman and her purpose.

We are dedicated to educate and empower generations of women to make changes in their communities by producing excellent and informative content.

The goal of the program is to give women in our programs the tools to take on community leadership roles and organize collective action to achieve the changes they want to see.

Meet The Founder/CEO Of Justice For Wives Foundation

Nicole A. Lurry was born and raised outside of Chicago, IL in the city of Joliet. Nicole attended Joliet Central High School after high school Nicole went off to Jackson State University in Jackson MS. Nicole obtain her B.A. in Business Administration.
Nicole is a Human Resource Manager, Illinois Real Estate Broker, Illinois Licensed Notary, Illinois Licensed Cosmologist and Small Business Owner.

Nicole is also a Certified Life Coach who loves helping clients to have a stronger relationship, better communication, healthier lifestyles. Nicole also hold many other certification such as
Body Waxing, Hair Loc Extension, Lash Extension and Microblading. 

Nicole is the founder and owner of the following small business,
Incredible Creations Beauty Barber Nail Salon, Lurry Look Boutique, Lurry Luxury Beauty Bar, Nicole is also the Founder & CEO of two 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations Justice For Wives and
Eric (BJ) Lurry Jr Foundations.   

Nicole is also the widow of Eric D. Lurry Jr an African American man who was killed by Joliet Police in the back of a police squad car. Eric's death was tragedy to many but more so to his wife, mother, kids, grandmother, cousins, aunt, uncles & friends our family have loss not only a great man but a true king.  

Not only was Eric's death a tragedy but also an inspiration for Nicole to fight for justice, Nicole took all of her pain, negativity, energy and turned it into a positive movement.

Nicole has been engaged in community activism for over 20 years. Nicole personal and business relationships have led her to her purpose.  

Nicole trusted God and put her name on a ballot to run for Joliet City Council At Large. In hopes to make a positive impact and change in the community that Nicole live in. Nicole only had a total of 1064 votes, but that told Nicole there was a total of 1064 like minded voters in her community who wanted to see the positive change in the community and supported Nicole's platform. 

Nicole didn't have a victory win, but that didn't stop her.  Nicole has been extremely busy planning and strategize her next move and of course still staying focus on her purpose and cause. 

Nicole A. Lurry started the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Justice For Wives to bring together women, changing women's lives.... one woman at a time. To empower communities of color with the skills, mindset, and networks to fulfill their full potential.

To build women's collective power in the U.S. to advance equity and justice for all. We achieve our mission by investing in and strengthening the capacity of women-led movements to advance meaningful social , cultural and economic change in the lives of women.

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